The Twilight Metal range by Sattler offers a range of four metallic finishes – silver, gold, nickel and platinum.

The Metal range are all 100% PVC-free and odourless, able to be used both indoors and outdoors, and completely flame-retardant. The subtle metallic finishes will complement decor while offering energy efficiency, privacy and glare reduction.

Use: Privacy and glare protection, sun protection
• 100% PVC-free
• High weather-fastness
• Ideal summer heat protection
• Optimum glare protection and visibility at the same time
• Textile character
• Odourless
• Flame-retardant
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Width 260cm (special width upon request minimum quantity 1000rm)
Material Special Fabric Construction (100% PES) DIN 60001
Thickness 0.5mm
Weight 350 g/m2 DIN EN ISO 12127
Light Fastness min. 7 DIN EN ISO 105-B02

Colours Available