World leading performance combined with an extensive contemporary colour range makes Planosol the preferred outdoor awning and marine fabric choice.


Superior technical performance

Designed to withstand the toughest Kiwi weather, this 100% acrylic woven fibre fabric is both rot and fade resistant. Now you can enjoy outdoor living whatever the weather. Planosol repels water, and features a sun smart protection rating of U.V. – U.P.F. 50+ / S.P.F. 100. This performance makes Planosol the perfect solution for New Zealand awnings, covers and shadesails, and has a successful 30 year track record to prove it!

Get the right colour

Whether you want to blend in or stand out, our superior Planosol colour range makes matching the right canvas to your requirements easy.

Make the right decision

Our 7 year guarantee gives you the confidence to insist on Planosol for your home or commercial shade project.


 Download Planosol colour range PDF