Highest quality architectural fabric – natural light transmission

Highest quality Austrian made architectural fabric with natural light transmission and UV protection. Blocks out the sun’s heat and glare, creating warm shade with soft natural light.

• Lower lighting and heating costs.
• Weldable PVDF coating for extra long life and easy cleaning.
• Wide width format 300cm.
• Available in white and grey.

7 Year Warranty: Small to medium size tension structures, shade sails, canopies, fixed frame awnings, façades and dividing walls.
Light transmission factors and UV performance as shown in specifications below.


Specifications and standards
Width 300cm
Yarn 1100 Dtex DIN EN ISO 2060
Weight 690g/m2 DIN EN ISO 2411
Tensile Strength 3000/3000(N/5cm) DIN EN ISO 1421
Tear Resistance 300/300(N) DIN EN 53363
Adhesion 100 (N/5cm) DIN EN ISO 2411
Cold / Heat Resistance -45 C / +70 C DIN EN 1876-1 IVK – PKT.5
Weldable PVDF Finish Anti-wick yarn Anti-microbial
Flame Retardant AS/NZS 1530.2.3 EN 13501-1 M2
Light Fastness 7/8 DIN EN ISO 105-B02
Light transmission factors and UV performance
White 68400B Grey 68408B
Light Transmission 38.75% 32.35%
Radiation Transmission 36.09% 31.74%
Radiation Reflection 52.33% 49.43%
Radiation Absorption 11.58% 18.83%
G-Value 0.3908 0.366