Billabong is designed specifically for higher quality family frame tents and campervan roofing and walling.

Billabong is the highest quality, light-medium weight, blended polyester/cotton Canvas tent fabric available. Billabong is a very tightly constructed fabric as it is woven from fine yarn counts.

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Weight Loomstate
280g/sq.m (8Oz.) +/- 30gsm
370g/sq.m (10.9 Oz.) +/- 30gsm
Width Loomstate
Construction Woven 64/36 Poly/Cotton Plain Weave
22.8 ends per cm. 15 picks per cm.
Yarn Count 2/12 ECC x 2/12 ECC
Maximum shrinkage 2.5% in Warp
Tear resistance
(As 2001.2.10)
WARP – 116N
WEFT – 68N
Breaking force WARP – 2195N
WEFT – 1523N
Hydrostatic Head
(As 2001.2.17)
800mm min
Cone Test
(AS 2001.2.18)

Technical data shown above are average values of the current production and are subject to change.


Caravan awning roofs and walls

Billabong high quality natural canvas is perfect for caravan awning walls and is typically matched with DX12 canvas roofs. The DX12 range features 16 colours designed to complement the Billabong range.

Take a look at the DX12 canvas roof range.

Customise your caravan awning by combining DX12 and Billabong natural canvas.

Awning walls:
Billabong Grey

Awning Roof:
DX12 Grey

Billabong Colour Range
Antelope Olive Antelope Antelope
Brunswick Green Brunswick Green Jade Jade
Grey Grey Khaki Khaki
Light Sand Light Sand Dark Green Dark Green
Light Grey Light Grey Maroon Maroon
Blue Blue Navy Blue Navy
Beige Beige Dark Navy Dark Navy
Beige Black

Colours are an indication only please refer to a physical colour
book for accurate colour matching.